Country focus China: Training cooperation with vocational schools

We have been working with several Chinese vocational colleges since 2005. We train vocational school teachers in the professional fields of mechatronics, automotive mechatronics, technical product design, metal technology and logistics. We provide training and coaching for teachers and trainers in implementing syllabuses, preparing for examinations and conducting examinations in accordance with IHK standards.

Partnership with DGTC Dongguan

We have been working closely with partners of DGTC (Dongguan Technician College) since 2013. There is a long-standing cooperative partnership here, too. The first IHK diplomas in the skilled occupations automotive mechatronics engineer, mechatronics engineer, cutting machine operator, tool mechanic, technical product designer and specialist for warehouse logistics were formally handed over at the college’s 30th anniversary celebration on 13 March 2017 after 3.5 years of training.

Training with IHK diploma in Yangzhou

ZAW Leipzig GmbH has been providing support to a training project in Yangzhou in close cooperation with IHK Leipzig and TU Dresden’s FaCE Institute since 2005. Trainees at CDIAW Chinese-German Institute for Training and Further Education can acquire their diploma in five professions in accordance with the IHK Leipzig’s examination regulations. The German IHK diploma is also very popular in China. Word has spread about the demand and the success of the project in the professional groups automotive and mechatronics engineering, cutting machine operation, technical design and warehouse logistics.

Training with AHK diploma in Beijing

A four-year joint project between the IHK Nuremberg, TUDFaCE and the AHK Shanghai was carried out at 8 colleges in 5 professional groups in Beijing. Two ZAW Leipzig GmbH employees have been appointed by the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce as chairmen of the examination board in the professional groups warehouse logistics and technical design. Here the training is based on German syllabuses.

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