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Iran Coaching

ZAW Leipzig supports innovations in vocational training and further education in Iran

ZAW Leipzig GmbH trainers provide vocational school teachers in implementing practice-orientated teaching

Country focus Iran: Impetus for the training system

Technical vocational schools and the University of Applied Science and Technology institutes provide training to young mechatronics engineers in Iran. ZAW’s qualified trainers also train vocational school teachers here, too. They support them professionally and conceptually in implementing practice-orientated teaching.

“IRI – Iran Innovates”

The project “IRI – Iran Innovates” aims at innovations in vocational training and further education in Iran. The project has been implemented in Tehran and Karaj together with local practice partners since September 2017. The joint project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Project partners:

  • ZAW Zentrum für Aus- und Weiterbildung Leipzig GmbH
  • The University of Leipzig’s international SEPT programme (SEPT)
  • Technical & Vocational Training Organization (TVTO)
  • Technical and Vocational University (TVU)

Based on the model of German dual vocational training

The common goal is to systematically implement impetus for innovation for selected approaches in the Iranian education system. The model for this is German dual vocational training. The aim is to adapt this to the needs of local companies and develop suitable further education courses. Further education focuses on the topics:

  • Pneumatics and electropneumatics
  • Installation technology
  • Electrical control systems and automation in mechatronics
  • Pedagogics in vocational training and further education

The project “IRI – Iran Innovates” is intended to make an important contribution to the modernisation of the Iranian education system.

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